New Age, New Ideals

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted tattoos/body modifications. The idea of carrying around art on my body appealed to a young me. I remember getting in trouble in elementary school because I was constantly drawing “tattoos” in permanent marker on my arms and legs. So naturally, as soon as I came of age and was “allowed” to get tattoos and piercings, I jumped in head first.

Starting small at the age of 15 I began stretching my ears. From there I gained my now 13 piercings at the age of 24.

In terms of tattoos, I got my first tattoo at 20 (pictured below) and have acquired an additional 4 since then.


Some may argue and say that tattoos HAVE to represent something deep in your life but for me, they can be anything you want. They can represent a hard time in your life, someone you want to remember forever or a cool depiction of something you love. The sky is the limit.

My most recent tattoo (pictured below) represents a tough time I experienced in my life, my undying love for a particular band, and a daily reminder to always strive for what I want in life and not what others think is best.


We are fortunate enough to live in such a modern society where piercings and tattoos are becoming more and more accepted. Big name companies like Target and Google are “pro-tattoo” and even encouraging employees to show off their unique art.

So if you take anything away from this its to be yourself and rock your body art. Do what makes you happy because true happiness exudes in everything you do. And know that society is moving towards and more open away of thinking and soon enough the President will have a sleeve!


Olivia Dicandio

Marketing and Sales Manager



PS. I have included additional photos of some tattoos, some mine and some I admire.



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