Elevating the Green Consumers

At long last, the impulse to go green is spreading faster than a morning glory. Organizations of all types are launching green campaigns from the city of London to Chicago. Consumers are getting behind the idea of being greener. In almost every opinion poll, consumers say that they are very concerned about climate change. They worry about rising seas, declining air quality, shrinking animal habitats, and finally diseases. Moreover, they are concerned about the environmental and social impacts of the products they buy.

To realize the true potential of the green market, businesses must help consumers change their behaviors. And that requires removing the barriers between would-be green consumers’ intentions and actions. To increase the sales of environmentally sensible products, companies must remove these five barriers namely, lack of awareness, negative perceptions, distrust, high prices, and low availability. In other words, they must increase consumers’ awareness of green products, improve consumers’ perceptions of  Eco-products’ quality, strengthen consumers’ trust, lower the prices of green products, and increase these products’ availability.

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