Eternal voices

Earlier this year, BBC ran a thought provoking article about the growing number of social media accounts of deceased users is growing. My late mother’s account is still active. I was able to post a memorial Mothers’ Day message. The article’s author noted how these accounts are changing the way we experience the deaths of our loved ones. These accounts are almost becoming memorials in perpetuity. When you want to remember a loved one, see their face or relive some of their memories you can check into their social media account. In your mind you can even hear their voices.

The thought of these eternal voices caused me to pause and think about the forgotten. Unfortunately, there are millions of voiceless women and children whose voices will not be heard. They have disappeared, against their will, into the dark world of human trafficking, prostitution, or slavery. We must never tire from working to give voices to those silenced and forgotten.

Helping others is as easy as making a simple statement of support by buying ethical clothing. With the growing number of ethical clothing companies comes increasing availability and convenience to help people make a difference. Those small statements combined become one strong voice. Together we can accomplish great changes and give voice to the forgotten millions. Change clothes, change lives!


2016 02 18 Personal photo - for blog

About the author: When Walter is not writing for the “Change Clothes. Change Lives Blog,” he can be found studying in pursuit of an MBA, flying around Tampa’s airspace in a small Cessna, or dancing Argentine Tango at a local Milonga.


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