Be an Ethical Shopper


Over the past few years, I’ve grown more and more passionate about making sure that I know where the clothes I buy are originated from. It is hard to know for sure even after I have done my research. Shopping ethically doesn’t mean to give up fashion, delicious food or other things you love; it just means you need to use ethical and moral consumption thinking. Nothing is more upsetting for a fashion lover than to realize that their passion for clothes might have a negative impact on the rest of the world. Even casual shoppers are contributing to the problem more than they realize. To be specific, the problem is the fast fashion. It is a common knowledge that the booming surplus of cheap clothing is causing problems worldwide, from poor conditions for factory workers to an unsustainable toll being taken from Earth’s resources.

A century ago, it was standard for someone to only own a handful of clothing, made well and repaired over and over so that each item would last for years. Nowadays, everything is different and that difference is very bad for Earth and for all of us and it has bad consequences. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize that.

If you care about Earth and the people, then you should look for alternative ways to shop.

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