Why Don’t You Go Green?

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Why do we need to go green? There are many reasons for that. Let’s see first what the meaning of “green” is.

Understanding What Green Is

It has been confusion about what “green” means. The term is sometimes used incorrectly in an effort to appeal to conscientious green consumers. The term is really meant to define the concept of renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly processes, products and energy.

 Why Do We Need To Go Green?

The answer to the question is as complex as the environmental problems the world population faces. These problems don’t affect just our generation, but unfortunately there will be a challenge for future generations. Greater actions should be taken to avoid these challenges.

Environmental Issues

Toxins have leached out of industry facilities and factories into water supplies such as streams, rivers and into the oceans. Marine and aquatic lives have suffered as a result of these poisonous chemicals contaminating ocean beds, wetlands and marshlands.

Furthermore, there are other problems like erosion, pesticides, industrial growth and pollution, and others that are harmful to the environment.

Additional Health Concerns

  • Additives to beef, chicken and other animals raised for food often contain antibiotics.
  • Children’s diseases resulting from harmful chemicals.
  • Air pollution is responsible for many health issues such asthma.
  • Farm and city runoffs create freshwater pollution that eventually finds its way to the oceans.

Many positive changes have been instituted and others are constantly being researched and implemented to remedy the world’s pollution crisis. With all of us helping, we can make this world a better place to live. It is all about making choices and effort, as you can see, going green is a complex process that needs to be taken one step at time.

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