Modern Society: Good or Bad?

A lot of people seem to have strong opinions regarding todays up-and-comers, commonly referred to as “millennials”. Some argue that they bring about positives with encouraging everyone to be themselves, while other make the point that they rely on technology far too often. But in my personal opinion, the positives brought about by the new generation far outweighs any negatives.

So what is a Millennial?


To put it simply, they are the generation that experienced the most profound transition in technology. They are those in the mid-thirties and below.

This generation encourages and pushes people to be their true self. Being gay, straight, of color, religious, non-religious, transgendered, or anything really, is accepted and embraced. And to me, that is the most beautiful things a society can provide. Having such a large group of individuals make you feel like you can be anything you want to be, only set-ups a society to succeed. The Millennials have pushed and successfully passed for Gay Marriage to be legalized, which in itself is such a huge win.


On the other hand, people argue and that technology is ruining society. This is both true and false. Technology has become more accessible and easier to understand, but it can also  isolate people and make them a constant target to negativity. So is it worth it? I believe it is in moderation but such moderation needs to be taught in the upbringing of children. Growing up, my parents monitored everything I did on the internet and my cell phone was even more closely watched. And as an adult, such discretion online has crossed over into my daily life.

So you decide. Are the Millennials and what they bring/stand for a good thing, or should they be reigned in?


Thank You.

Olivia Dicandio

Marketing & Sales Manager




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