Men and boys are trafficking victims also

Most people may only think human trafficking victims are women. Nothing could be further from the truth. During a scan for writing material I came across an older old blog post that discusses how men and boys are trafficked as well. In the posting The Human Trafficking Center (HTC), based in Denver, Colorado, point out how men and boys are commercially sexually exploited as well. Additionally, men and boys are victims of labor exploitation (i.e. slavery) on a greater scale than women. Of course, most of the commercial sexual exploitation is still committed against females. It doesn’t matter who the victims are or if there are millions or if there is only one victim.

Human Trafficking is wrong and we must always speak out against it. If you don’t know where to start, consider The site provides a basic Human Trafficking 101 fact sheet that contains information people can use to educate others about the existence of human trafficking today.  We must continue to shed light on the darkness. We can do that if everyone will take the time to learn about the problem and share the information with those around them. One voice combined with others can create a louder unified voice. Together we can help the voiceless.


2016 02 18 Personal photo - for blogAbout the author: When Walter is not writing for the “Change Clothes. Change Lives Blog,” he can be found studying in pursuit of an MBA, flying around Tampa’s airspace in a small Cessna, or dancing Argentine Tango at a local Milonga.


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  1. It’s definitely important to highlight how skewed perspectives and improper media representation dangerously perpetuates the myth that only women and girls are victim to human trafficking. People of all genders are victims and SVOHT are also onboard with your beliefs that education is a major key in aiding victims of human trafficking. By raising our individual voices, we are able to spread the message and bring change. I am also an avid reader of the Human Trafficking Center’s website. I find that they have a lot of informative and clear posts for those who are new to the anti-trafficking movement as well as some very thought provoking articles and global news of updates in the movement.

    – SVOHT


    1. Dear SVOHT,

      Thank you for,your support and all that you are doing to help get the word out! Have lovely holidays!


  2. Corey says:

    This is a great insight. My mother worked at a YWCA where they had a “safe floor,” and only abused women and their children were allowed to go into it. The police would bring abused men to the shelter, thinking that they could go in, but due to the charter adult men could not be on the safe floor. No services were existent then besides the Salvation Army, so the abused men were taken away to stay in a homeless shelter, with no services specific to their plight. Yes, it was the 80s and I hope times have become more enlightened, but I felt so bad hearing stories of the abused who could not get care.


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