The Reality of Abandoned Animals.

Recently when I was at a friends place, me and my boyfriend stumbled upon a kitten that was in terrible shape. He was malnourished, ridden with fleas and so weak he was unable to hold his head up and being the animal lover that I am, I could not sit idly and leave him in his current state. We brought him home, cleaned him up, rid him of any pests and named him Draco. This was now 2 weeks ago and Draco is as happy as ever (pictured below).

Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 1 to 5!

The sad reality of stray/abandoned animals is approximately 7.6 million companion (cats or dogs) animals enter the shelters every year and of that 2.7 are euthanized due to over-population at shelters. And of the remaining 4.9 million, only 2.7 million of those animals are adopted. WE ARE EUTHANIZING THE SAME AMOUNT OF ANIMALS THAT ARE BEING ADOPTED.

Many strays brought to shelters are “abandoned” due to owner carelessness when watching the whereabouts of the animal. So basically, this can easily be prevented if the owners just do what they are supposed to do.


Thankfully, they are many organizations that are effortlessly working to change things around for stray animals. Second Chance for Strays, is an organization in Tampa that prides itself on providing a safe, no-kill shelter for stray/abandoned animals. They provide vaccinations, medical assistance and surgery (if needed) to unwanted animals. You can follow the link and donate money to assist with their efforts. Second Chance for Strays is just one organization working to make a difference. Check locally on how to help in your area.

Even if you are not in a position to adopt or care for an animal in need, you can still do your part. Volunteer time at a local shelter, donate money to your favorite animal organization, buy items from a fashion company that helps animal causes or, do what most of my friend did, spoil your friends animals!

Below I have listed some fashion companies that assist in helping animals!

Ivory Ella (10% of profits go to Save the Elephants)

Savannah (10% of monthly profits go to the Wildlife Conservation Network)

Dsenyo (the company donates $5 from every piece of jewelry sold to conservation groups in Zambia that are fighting poaching)

Seventy (features a different cause each week, and either $7 or 7% of the “Cause of the Week” items get donated to a charity)

Much Love,

Olivia Dicandio

Sales and Marketing Manager



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  1. Jade says:

    took in a kitten*


  2. Jade says:

    Great post. It really makes me mad when people have animals or allow their animals to breed when they have no intent on taking care of them properly. I volunteer for a cats charity and when I have to write up the stories it’s so sad to see just how many cases they are like this. So glad you have Draco now so he can have a second chance. When I was a teen my family in a kitten that was found under my family’s car. During that time kittens kept turning up dead on the roads so we reckon she was part of a litter that was dumped. So glad we took her in, I hate to think it but she probably wouldn’t still be alive now x


    1. I really appreciate that! I think the same about Draco, he wouldn’t have lasted another couple of days. It’s good hearted people like you who make what we do worthwhile ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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