Do You Have Anxiety?

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What is an anxiety disorder? It is when the people get tricked into feeling, powerful fear in the absence of a danger. With an anxiety disorder, people get afraid when they are not in danger. Their struggle to protect themselves from fear leads them down to a scary path that increases the trouble. This is the anxiety trick.

What is the Anxiety Trick?

The fears, phobias, and worry that you experience with chronic anxiety disorders, often seem “irrational” and difficult to overcome.

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when they have anxiety because anxiety changes thought processes and feelings in a way that leads to making wrong decisions. Alcohol abuse is one of the mistakes people make.

How Can You Overcome Anxiety Trick?

The thing that makes fear and phobias so persistent is that virtually anything that you do to oppose, escape or distract from the anxious feelings and thoughts will be turned against you and make the anxiety more persistent. “The harder you try, the worse it gets.” It is like putting out fires with gasoline. This is where the cognitive behavioral methods of desensitization and exposure come to the picture. When you lose your fear of the symptoms, through this practice, that’s when the symptoms will fade. The point of this practice is to actually feel the anxiety, being sure to stay until the anxiety leaves first. This is called floating.

The way to disarm the Anxiety Trick is to increasingly spend time with anxiety, to expose yourself to the thoughts and sensations, and allow them to subside over time.


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