What is more important: fast or ethical fashion?


So what is “fast fashion”? To put it simply, they are fashion items produced at a large quantity by any means necessary. Those means include unfair wages, unfair working conditions, workers being forced into working by means of human trafficking, and children workers working long and treacherous hours. Do it seem worth it to you?


Over the past year, social consciousness of ethical fashion has reached a new high amongst masses. People are starting to realize the impact their voice can have for those making the clothes they wear. Society has almost adopted those ideas as their social responsibility.  On a daily basis, we are noticing advertisements for companies that proclaim that they are ethical or fair trade companies. Companies are realizing the small price to pay in order to conduct your business in an ethical manner. The fact that it is any other way baffles us.

Below are a few fashion companies that realize the importance of helping those in need as well as the planet:

“This is Empowerment” is the tag line for a very successful fashion line called Krochet Kids International. They teach individuals in Uganda and Peru to crochet as a means to make money, as well as assisting them in education and social programs. They company then sells the crocheted goods online.

PACT Apparel is not only an ethical company but they are also Fair Trade Certified and use organically grown cotton. PACT strongly believes in what they’re doing, stating their business does not only centers around comfy clothing but around a idea and standard that is making a major impact. How could you not want to be a part of something like that?

Their Mission? “To create quality, stylish clothing that is making the world a better place”. At Slumlove Sweater Company in Nairobi, Kenya they not only pay their workers fairly and treat them with the respect they deserve, they also use organic and natural materials to make their products. In addition, they donate a portion of their sales to a non-profit that provides high school scholarships to children living in slums.


So you decide: would you rather pay a few dollars less for a fashion piece that someone was forced to make for dollars a day, or would you rather happily buy a something you can wear in pride knowing you assisted in making the world and someones life a better place?


Much Love,

Olivia Dicandio

Sales & Marketing Manager





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