How People are Trafficked?

Millions of people are in slavery, but everyone’s story is unique and different. There are countless methods used to recruit victims, but there are five main ways people can be trafficked.

  • Misleading “Friendship”

Some recruiters befriend teens or adults to trick them to trafficking. After they trust them, the recruiters deceive them.

  • False Job Advertisement

Traffickers will advertise false jobs (nanny, waitress, model, etc.) in a foreign country. When the applicants arrive, the supported boss takes their paperwork away included the passport and force them to work.

  • Family Arrangements

In some cases, when the family has financial hardship the parents are willing to sell their children for money. Traffickers usually promise the parents that they will take good care of the child. Sadly, the children end up into the trafficking industry.

  • Abductions

Many trafficked victims are kidnapped on their way to school, work, or home and later sold into slavery.

  • Sham Lover

Some women unknowingly marry a recruiter and fall into sex trafficking and others are trafficked by their boyfriends and forced into commercial sex.

I believe that with education the people will have the knowledge that they need to be aware of the danger and to be careful.


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