Human Rights


Among the worst countries that abuse human rights are Burma, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Libya, North Korea and Sudan. To be deemed an abuser of human rights, civil liberties and political rights are the violations assessed, and these particular countries mentioned above have concurrently been on such lists in the previous years.

In North Korea, human rights abuse is plentiful. Prisoners, mostly made up of impoverished individuals locked up for committing petty crimes in their efforts to survive, are subject to horrific treatment. Prisoners are held in gulags, starved and later publicly executed by firing squad.

In South Sudan, bloody massacres occur many times, taking lives of many people. Also, Women are treated harshly and are the most abused in the country. Women and girls in Tabit town in North Darfur are raped by Sudanese army forces in their homes, in the streets and in front of their loved ones.

In addition, the countries such as Syria, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Libya, Cuba and Saudi Arabia are more places where people suffer from some of the most severe, systematic abuses of human rights. Countries consumed by overwhelming, audaciously rampant violence and sexual abuse against women are considered guilty of crimes against humanity these actions display pervasive humanity.

In Saudi Arabia, political prisoners are held in detention and democracy is silenced by threats of intimidation and arrests, all while women continue to face major oppression.

What people need,  is to change their mindset and know their rights and responsibilities and actively take part in development process. This all is only possible if people change themselves first and then by creating awareness and education. People  need to be empowered and find strategies for solutions.
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