The Worst Toxic Materials You Can Find in Textiles

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Fabrics are around us the most of the time, but do you know that material choices could help you or harm your health?

In the past people used natural fibers like wool. Cashmere, cotton, silk, and hemp. These are very healthy for you. Unfortunately, if you look at your clothing labels today, you will find materials like polyester, rayon, and nylon that are wrinkle free, but they are very bad for your health. Chemically treated natural and synthetic fabrics are a source of toxins that adversely affect your health and the beautiful planet Earth.

These are the toxic fabrics you should avoid because they are harmful: polyester, acrylic fabrics, rayon, acetate, triacetate and nylon.

Organic food, pure water and natural or organic clothing can work together so you can live a healthier life. Reducing your toxic load seem like an overwhelming task, but just like with any change you should be patient and determined. Take it step by step and in time you will see an improvement. Changing to healthier life, begins with your healthy choice.

Joel World Wear is a company that believes in the good change. The change that is good for you and good for the whole world.


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    Thank you so much for this informative post!


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