Violence Against Children is a Global Problem

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Millions of children are today fighting battles of their own. The boy afraid to go to school because of bullies in the school yard. The girl enduring the faceless horror of cyber bullying. The worst of all, the child is being abused sexually and physically at home. Each beating wounding not only his or her body, but her/his spirit and her/his self-esteem, even hindering his/her cognitive development and thus his/her entire future is ruined and affected by all that.  The violence against children impacts on other areas of development, making children sick, holding them back in school and generally limiting their development as well as their communities. 

Globally, one in four children suffer physical abuse, nearly one in five girls is sexually abused at least once in her life and every five minutes, a child dies as a result of violence, according to partnership. The scale of this problem can be overwhelming. It is very important to remind ourselves of the children behind these statistics.

The first step to protecting children from sexual and physical abuse is educating parents about the nature of the problem. Awareness about child abuse, what it is and who commits it, opens the door to some simple steps parents can take to protect children. No one has at stake or a more vested interest in protecting children than the people who gave them life. Awareness, education, and responsible parenting give a child the best tools for her or his defense and the child may be more likely to tell an adult if something happens.


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