Our First Event in Our New Shop!

Tomorrow evening, we will be taking part in our first official event at our new shop. Sara’s Karma Chic Boutique is hosting “A Midsummers Night Bizarre” from 5PM to 8PM, at 3510  W Bay to Bay Blvd. in Tampa, Florida!


When we first laid our eyes on the beautiful creations of designer Tulip Hubbard, we knew we had to get our hands on them and feature them in our shop. Tulip once said “I’ve always valued sustainable lifestyle choices. With the heritage and simplicity of my early life, spent mainly outdoors, my imagination grew amongst the castle, coves, and local history. I have sketched and sewn since I can remember. I intuitively construct garments and my creative process is spirit driven. The inspiration for which can come from most anything. The clothing I produce is the culmination of many hours of careful consideration. Although many an item is created spontaneously”. The pair up between us and Tulip could not be more in sync with our visions.

This week we were lucky enough to receive our newest selection of dresses, just in time for  the event. Our newest selection of Tulip New Beautiful/Gypset Nouveau clothing items are definitely something to stop by and see!The beautiful designs and fabrics of each dress, truly make them a one-of-a-kind! Just see for yourself below!!!!

Stop by to get the latest trends and sales while the event is going on! We’d love to meet you and tell you our stories!

Much Love,

Olivia Dicandio

Sales & Marketing Manager

Visit: joelworldwear.com




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