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This wonderful piece of jewelry is made by women in Afghanistan. It is a handmade bracelet that makes a statement and gets the look a woman is after. It is eclectic, yet classic. It is elegant, yet colorful. Plus, it is edgy, yet comfortable. Handmade sterling silver and multi-colored gemstone bracelet made by women in Afghanistan experiencing times of hardship. Each bracelet features a random selection of tourmaline the multicolored stones woven into sterling silver inlay. The women make them to support their families. The bracelet is unique and it is made from unique gemstones and silver to create this exotic piece. The bracelet design makes it perfect for all seasons. The colors are so beautiful and they all blend in. It is durable and it is well made. The bracelet can be a great gift for the people you love, family and friends or for you in holidays or any special occasions.

Important: the bracelet may vary in design and gemstone placement due to the handmade nature of the product.


Please, get yours at:




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