Rooting for the Gators

Rooting for a University of Florida Gators would have been difficult during my college days, many, many years ago. But how can you not root for University of Florida Gators football player Christian Garcia. Last weekend he stopped the rape of an unconscious women. Christian just happened into the wrong place at the right time. The perpetrator was captured and charged, thanks to Christian’s willingness to stand-up for the ‘voiceless’ victim.

Reading Christian’s story in the newspaper, I can’t help but hope more men will follow his lead and stand-up for victims’ rights. In the past I’ve encouraged male professional athletes to use their strength and public personas to stand-up for the ‘voiceless.’ This week I ask the same of all males (athletes, couch potatoes, cyber dudes, etc.). You don’t need to be super-man or famous to make a difference.

Christian’s actions last week were heroic. While I’m a Plainsmen to the core, I have to root for the success of this Gators’ walk-on football player, who by the way, holds a job on the side. This student is definitely more than an athlete. He’s a hero, model citizen and someone whose recent actions all men should strive to emulate. Go Christian and go Gators, as long as they’re not playing my Tigers.


2016 02 18 Personal photo - for blog

About the author: When Walter is not writing for the “Change Clothes. Change Lives Blog,” he can be found studying in pursuit of an MBA, flying around Tampa’s airspace in a small Cessna, or dancing Argentine Tango at a local Milonga.


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