Fir Fir Scarf


Fir Fir Scarf is a unique design. It is handmade by women who had rough times either by human trafficking, slavery or other economically challenging situations. The scarf is super soft and it is classical and traditional. Its light design makes it perfect for all seasons. The colors are so beautiful and they all blend in. It is durable and it is well made. The Fir Fir scarf incorporates stitched ringlets along the sides and on the ends. This type of scarfs forms just one of the many wares the women produce to maintain their new lives. It varies between 60”-74” in length. For some women, fashion is a social status and success. At parties and weddings, they want to shine and to be inspired. The scarf is one of the most popular accessories still to date and it can be worn in several ways.

Please, get yours here:

blog fir fir scarf4




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