Violence is not the Solution


Violence is in vogue these days from right wing activism to honor killing and of course, other reasons as well. I never understood the reason behind killing innocent people in the name of ideology or religion. Everybody has a reason to justify her/his act, but is killing a solution to everything? Is it the only way for social injustice or for ideological differences?  Killing today seems to be very popular solution to any conflicts or problems. Killing a person just destroys him, but it never ends the “idea” of the violence and hatred. It is the root of the evil that needs to be hacked and destroyed not people. This situation reminds me of a scene from “Batman Begins” when Ra’s Al Ghul asks Batman to kill a criminal explaining to him that it is the only solution to cleanse the society from him, but Batman refuses the idea saying that the root that needs to be eliminated not the people.

The world we live in is made up of different people from different backgrounds, opinions and beliefs; this diversity is what adds beauty to life. Society always runs on the opinions of the majority, and for sure, there will be injustice. The differences need to be attained through civil dialogue and not through barbarism.  This is why we are called a “civil society”. What is the point if we look like civilized people and we act like savages.  We need to be more understanding and more tolerant to our differences. Violence should never be the solution, but peace should be.

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