Style Prevails Over All

Through war and strife, poor political climates and poverty, women put on their best when they can. I’ve met women all over the world who go out of their way to look beautiful whether they are rich or poor. Some older women who don’t even feel their best still get up, get dressed, and do it in style. I know you’ve seen those elegant gals! My Middle Eastern friends wear their very best designer clothing and shoes under their abiyas, and their hair is styled and adorned with gemstones, even if others don’t get to see! My Florida girlfriends who spend have their lifetimes on horseback, look good with their stylish Western belt buckles, boots and jeans. Yep…theyre slingin’ bales of hay in style. And when I was in Afghanistan,  I noted the Afghan women I met made most of their own clothing with great stylish appeal!!

I’ve been following “Focus on Style” by Sharon Haver, and her blog today put me in a great mood, in spite of the impending hurricane about to hit my Florida home. Jo’el Worldwear buys clothing and accessories from ladies around the world emerging out of trafficking, and affected by war, natural disasters and other tragic situations. While we take our business of supporting them seriously, we still take time to enjoy the lovely fashion they create, and we always love to read great fashion blogs. We encourage you to read Sharon’s highlights of Paris Fashion Week, and let it brighten up your corner of the globe today!

Purchase ethical clothing and accessories at:

Featured photo is Model and Sociologist/Social Worker Melissa Zimmer Pierce at Catrina’s Mexican Restaurant of South Tampa during Sara’s Karma Chic Boutique Fashion Night. 


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