Coming to a Town Near You

I try not to be controversial, but this time I’m going to ruffle feathers! So many are worried sick about our Presidential election, and super verbal on social media. Worried how their personal lives will be affected…maybe rightfully so. But when the hell will Americans ever worry themselves sick for the over 27 million men, women, and children – many from the US, who are being sold into trafficking rings yearly for hard labor, domestic servitude, and sex – that’s right, sex with toddlers. Two US mothers recently sold their daughters for sex at the last Super Bowl Game – AND THERE WERE PLENTY OF BUYERS! 

When will our sensationalist media ever go prime time about children being sold into underground brothels or shipped out of country by relatives, parents, neighbor’s and strangers. I guess it’s just too real. Where are all those investigative reporters who care SO much about bringing serious social problems into public view? Crickets chirping.

The Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking (FCAHT) is run by one woman who relies solely on volunteer support. If you can’t make the Jo’el Worldwear sponsored event “Out of the Fire,” to raise money for this vital organization, please consider buying a ticket for $45.00 or $65.00 as a donation. 100% of it goes to the FCAHT….I promise. 

Here’s the link to buy a ticket:

Or you can donate directly to the Coalition.

Here’s some recent news about trafficking…..believe me it’s coming to a town near you, if it hasn’t already arrived.

Here’s some resources from FCAHT to teach your children about the dangers of trafficking in the US:


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