Mona B. Brings Power in Poetry for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Thursday, October 27, Author and Poet Mona B. will bring power, strength and awareness through her spoken word to a Tampa Bay, Florida audience in support of the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking (FCAHT) and survivors. Voted Best of the Bay/Best Spoken Word Artist in 2014, Mona is also a Professor at the University of Tampa. This powerful artist uses her poetry to shine a light on issues such as domestic violence, rape/rape culture, racism, and identity. Mona is no stranger to the mic or delivering dynamic performances. 

Event Sponsor Jo’el Worldwear and honored guests will feel the power of her poetry during “Out of the Fire,” a one-of-a-kind fashion show where models bring awareness as they walk the runway. Jo’el supports designers who are survivors of trafficking. Fashion from Sara’s Karma Chic Boutique will also be featured, and Artist & T-Shirt Designer Michael Andruzzi will bring truth to the runway with his unique creations.

All proceeds benefit FCAHT. Go to Eventbrite, enter Tampa as the location, and find “Out of the Fire.” Even if you cannot attend, your ticket is a fully tax deductible donation.

Mona B.


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