Fashion Around the World in 194 Days

As owner of Jo’el, I need to blog more often, and since I’ve recently added a lot more time to my life portfolio, I can focus on writing. To keep myself on the hook all year, I’ve picked an annual theme. Loving cultures worldwide, it’s only appropriate I choose to blog about fashion trends and ethical designers in all 193 UN recognized countries, as well as Taiwan, Kosovo, Palestine and Holy See City (Yes, The Vatican!) There’s fashion everywhere! And I intend to uncover the most unique, stylish, made-with-passion fashion for 2017!

So with no further ado, join me on my alphabetical journey as we start with No. 1 q- Afghanistan. Before I show you current fashion trends, I’ll explain a bit about Afghanistan’s past to help give you a proper perspective. I’m no expert, but I’ve been there three times and I can promise you, there’s much more than meets the eye about Afghanistan, it’s women and their place in fashion. 

The country has been affected by war for almost forty years now. When there’s so much uncertainty, women often cover up for anonymity and safety – bottom line. Husbands and sons want their mothers, wives and daughters to be safe. In the 1960s and early 70s, prior to rebel fighting, the Russian invasion of the country, and the Taliban regime, women were a little more fashionably daring.

Since the instability and horrific Taliban governance, Afghan women have hidden behind the heavy veil of the burka. I’ll show you one picture, in case you aren’t familiar with it, but it’s disrespectful to even take pictures of Afghan women as they walk by covered. Many of them fear the camera and prefer the anonymous character they can portray out in public.

The most important point about the fashion of Afghanistan is the woman hidden beneath all the blue. For there is no real cover for these women as most of them are courageous and full of dreams about the future. You’ll eat like a king or queen at any Afghan woman’s home as she cooks and creates a table full of delectable dishes. She’s a mother, a sister or a wife who hopes for the security of her country. Though most hide in public, Afghan women still have totally “got it” with fashion when it comes to special events, weddings, and family time. They are simply beautiful and stylish, and the majority can make their own gem-adorned, embroidered festive clothing, which makes them ethical fashion designers too! Visit to view handmade Afghan accessories. (some images from Pinterest)


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