Country #5 in the Fasion Around the World Series -Angola

Angola is a Southern African nation with the vastness of tropical Atlantic beaches, Sub-Saharan desert, and an intricate system of rivers. It has a colonial history with Portuguese-influenced cuisine and architecture. It is the seventh-largest country in Africa and is bordered by Namibia to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Zambia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to west. The capital and largest city of Angola is Luanda. The country achieved Independence in 1975 with a one-party state of officially marxist-leninist orientation, backed by the Soviet Union and Cuba.  However, the country soon fell into a long civil war which didn’t end until 2002. It is now a relatively stable unitary presidential republic. Angola’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, yet its standard of living is still low for the majority of the population, and life expectancy is among the lowest in the world.  Angola is a member state of the United Nations, OPEC, African Union, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, and the Southern African Development Community. Angola’s over 25 million people are extremely multi-ethnic from various tribal groups and backgrounds. Angolan culture reflects centuries of Portuguese rule, namely in the predominance of the Portuguese language and the Catholic Church, combined with diverse indigenous influences.

So how does this background affect the fashion trends in the country? Well, take a look for yourself!

Call it “Loud and Proud,” and stunningly beautiful, incorporating all of the multi-ethnic uniqueness the country truly can provide. These models wear it all with a confident, strong, and powerful attitude! Some of the evening wear is feminine by design, but all with the tribal hints, and a shockingly gorgeous model really giving each design deeper meaning. Enjoy Angola design and fashion….all its own!!


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