Country #6 in Fashion Around the World Series – Antigua and Barbuda

One or two countries?

One. Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth country comprised of its 2 namesake islands and several smaller ones: Great Bird; Green; Guinea; Long; Maiden; and York Islands; and further south, the island of Redonda.

The islands are literally placed where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet. Known for reef-lined beaches with fancy resorts and millionaire yachts, they are still full of museums and plenty of history, like Nelson’s Dockyard famous site. St. John’s on Antigua, is the capital. Christopher Columbus named the country in 1493 after discovering the islands, and today it is nicknamed “Land of 365 Beaches.” Its language, culture and governance are all strongly influenced by former British rule.

Temperatures range from mid-70’s in winter to mid-80’s in summer. Perfect year-round! And women dress accordingly…

Shops like Elie’s can be found throughout the islands, and you clearly get a glimpse of the casual, yet truly stylish beach fashion. So, if you vacation there, drop by Elie’s for sure. Antigua and Barbuda recently included the video, “The Black Travel Movement” as part of its destination guide. It tells the anthology of travel challenges past and now adventures in the present for Blacks worldwide, and while it is a great piece to watch, I find myself dying to know where that lovely model got her amazing jacket?! Http://

There’s a small fashion label in the islands called Henre Designs, started in 2014. Shem Henry , the lead designer has fascinated the fashion world, while capturing titles in the art of fashion styling and garment construction. Shem’s group of talented young male designers specialize in Haute Couture and artistic pieces, and he combines fashion, art and theatrics to create his annual showcase “UNHINGED.” The best bit is that most of these gorgeous designs sell for under $100.00. So, check out The Karribbean Kollective by Henre at:

Finally, we always love to show you a bit of the traditional dress in each country.

Now check out our shop at Jo’el, and use the code MOMS at checkout for 20% off until Mothers Day!


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