Central Africa Republic’s Arbor Day!!

Today, July 20th, is Central African Republic’s Arbor Day! Arbor Day is a holiday, celebrated all over the world, which encourages people and groups to plant trees. The date in which each country/region celebrates Arbor Day is dependent on climate change and suitable planting weather!


The first official Arbor Plantation Festival (aka, Arbor Day) was celebrated in 1594 in the Spanish village of Mondoñedo. The first American Arbor Day was originated in Nebraska City, Nebraska, U.S., by J. Sterling Morton.


On April 10, 1872, an estimated one million trees were planted in Nebraska! We always encourage bringing about change and helping others when they are in need. So get out there and plant a tree and make a difference!


Visit our website joelworldwear.com to read our artisan stories and to help us make a difference!


Much Love,

Olivia Dicandio

Sales and Marketing Manager

Jo’el Worldwear



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