One Voice Day

Its One Voice Day! Today we show our support to the Universal Peace Covenant and all that it stands for! The Universal Peace Covenant is a written pledge to bring families, countries and the world together in a peaceful co-existence despite the constantly changing world. The document serves as an instrument defining how to think and live peacefully. People from all walks of life, religious backgrounds, nationalities, occupations, and races, came together with the intention of creating a timeless document that would accurately reflect humanity’s hope, challenge, and destiny.


We are encouraged to read the covenant today in remembrance of why it is an essential decree. One Voice Day is the result of spiritual collaboration and cohesiveness. Today is about spreading peace and love, regardless of the burdens we experience. So go out there today and make someone smile!


to read the Universal Peace Covenant in its entirety, click here


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Much Love,

Olivia Dicandio

Sales & Marketing Manager

Jo’el Worldwear




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