The Wisdom of My Aunt for the New Year 2018 

Aunts can be providers of great wisdom, and we’ll typically listen to them even better than Mom and Dad at times. Aunts are usually cool and you only see them during the holidays, when they’re bearing gifts and helping their sister cook. My Aunt Mary…well, let’s just say that she’s an outspoken Irish woman, who loves to have fun, is well traveled, liberal in spirit with a previous career as a social worker, married to an Italian, and has proudly led the Saint Patty’s Day parade in New Haven, Connecticut on a few occasions. She’s fierce with her red hair, but she’s kind and loving, and this is Aunt Mary’s message that caught my interest for 2018. Bottom line, it would be a great world message!!

Aunt Mary’s 2018 Message:

I’m walking into 2018 with a clear heart and mind. If you owe me, don’t worry about it – you’re welcome. If you wronged me, it’s all good – lesson learned. If you’re angry with me, you’ve won. If we aren’t speaking, its cool (I love you and I wish you well). If you feel I wronged you, I apologize. Life is too short for all the pent-up anger, holding grudges, and extra pain! 

Here’s to 2018!!! Spread Love and Kindness, and Positivity and Appreciation for all things! Always remember to be thankful for the small things, big things, in between things, unseen things and the yet to be things!

Happy New Year to all my family and friends. Be safe tonight!
Here’s to Aunt Mary! 

Love from Jo’el Worldwear


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