No. 11 Portugal – the Laid Back Country – it’s high fashion and very casual fashion

Before coming to Lisbon, capital of Portugal, I had only been to their islands – The Azores. Pure paradise….I don’t have any other way to describe the islands. I knew after that wonderful experience I’d have to get to the mainland and visit Portugal several more times….for several reasons. The people, the people, and the people! 

I recognized then, and again now, that the Portugese people are laid back, easy going, polite, and typically keep it casual compared to other people walking the streets of their country. Sure, the business people are dressed accordingly, and everyone still looks great, but there’s a certain sophisticated simple nature to how they pull off everyday wear.

Let me put it this way….I actually fit in here as an American who tends to keep it more simple when it comes to fashion.

Portugal is comfortable…bottom line. People are practical here, and, for the most part, the city of Lisbon gives off a relaxed aire. Still, if you look around on the streets with high fashion, you can find the more elaborate looks.

And without exception, every great city offers over-the-top fashion displayed in the top designer shows.

And as tradition will have it, for special occasions, each country tends to have their traditional costumes or back-country wear for important events and holidays. And Portugal is no different.

Another thing that sets Portugal apart from some of the high fashion center’s, the Portugese women and designers have made their share of statements regarding women’s rights in fashion, and the ethical arguments as well.

Sustainability became is a big issue for designers during the 2016 fashion week and continued last year. In addition, the Portugese fashion world doesn’t necessarily find a little nudity offensive either, and expects the same of others here.

Whether it’s Jean cut-offs, baggy sweaters and rompers, non-matching or coordinated prints, or trainers, the Portugese clearly let everyone know that they’ll roll out exactly the way they want to, regardless of what the rest of the fashion minds think. They don’t always set the trends and styles, but who cares, because the Portugese set “lifestyle!”

To read more about Portugal designers, follow this link: 

Jo’el Worldwear team


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