Pedophilia & Child Exploitation – Why I talk about it

I was the victim of a pedophile when I was 13 years old. My story was set to be “Girl abducted, raped and murdered,” except that the stranger’s car broke down along US Hwy 1 and he had to get a tow. Forget about my story though….I obviously lived and am now a strong survivor….but it’s time I shared some facts with you that I’ve spent a lifetime studying since my experience.

Please read the attached article in its entirety, and be ready to be shocked! I’ve read HUNDREDS of articles like it which contains some of the most important information you need to know about politics, national security, intelligence, and secrets…..yes, secrets. Even publishing such an article puts journalists in danger, and threatens the lives of law enforcement officers and legal eagles who dare to take on the very murky underworld of child exploitation.

This is the key quote I hope you remember. It’s the very last sentence, in case you don’t read the entire piece, and it was placed at the end of the article out of fear:  “Pedophilia, if you look at it, is an important tool for corrupting, controlling, and manipulating a foreign government; and sabotaging its economy, sabotaging its political process, even sowing confusion,” he said. “This whole thing can be used in all kinds of creative ways to hurt the target country.”


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