What if Today was Your Last Day?

This morning when you wake up, it’s going to be your last day. That’s your exercise, at least, for today. So, what are you going to do differently?

It’s kind of like those signs you see in the windows of stores warning you that you only have that day to catch the great sale inside. The bargains that only happen once…at least until next month, right?!

What’s inside of you that you haven’t let anyone see? Hopefully it’s a kind message, an “I love you” for someone you’ve neglected lately, or some assistance instead of a disappearing act when you know someone could really use your help.

Today might be the one and only day for you to right a wrong. Maybe a wrong that’s been wrong for years. Only you know what it is that you need to take the time to fix for yourself, or for someone else.

Make the phone call that you’ve been meaning to make. Look up and smile at the person you know needs to see it. Stop hurting inside your soul, and then you’ll stop hurting others.

Yesterday I had so much to get done, and I felt like I’d actually accomplished much more than I’d expected. There’s always more to do though. If it all ends today, there’s probably only a few critical things I should think about doing. As part of the exercise, pick just three. Then if you accomplish more goals, you’ll be extra happy.

Here’s my three goals for my last day:

1. Give my husband an extra long hug and kiss before he leaves for work

2. Volunteer at the charity shop that raises money for the homeless shelter in the area (I didn’t go last week)

3. Do my work for Jo’el because it gives me a great sense of accomplishment

Of course, if I have extra time, before the big day ends, I’ll message a few people to let them know I’m thinking about them…friends and family. I’ll eat some dark chocolate, and I’ll walk all the way to town, no matter how cold it is outside.

Good luck prioritizing your “Last Day” exercise. I hope you’ll make a positive difference in your life and someone else’s today….before it all ends!

 Jo’el Worldwear – assisting artisans and designers affected by war/conflict, human trafficking/slavery, natural disasters and other economically challenging situations. Peace, Brenda 


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