The Past is Coming Back to Haunt Us

If you thought the plight of slaves was something of the past, think again. People of African decent around the world know the stories of their grandparents and of all their previous ancestors when it comes to slavery and how it affected their families. Today people of all origins are affected.

Teach you children well about the problems of modern day slavery. Infants, toddlers, teens, and male and female adults are all up for grabs….organized crime groups don’t discriminate when it comes to who can make them a little bit of money. We’ve had to tell our young ones about predators, but these predators are more like wolves in sheeps’ clothing. They aren’t necessarily some seedy looking individual stalking playgrounds. They can be an established businessman, a pillar of your community, or a grandmother….that’s right…..women are in this business to make money as well. 

It’s a global condition, and power, drugs, extremism, political motivations, and several other elements fuel human trafficking and child exploitation. Most of us feel the plight of animals in our communities because they are completely helpless. We support the shelters for animals and the many rescue operations. Please support the same for children worldwide. And if you don’t feel compelled to support organizations against trafficking, at least speak to your children, your nieces and nephews, your classrooms, or other children and teens who you love about the looming dangers that exist.

Joel Worldwear supports artisans who have survived human trafficking rings and are moving on with their lives to create fashion and accessories as a means to sustain themselves.


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