Help Jo’el Go Viral CONTEST

Here I am just blogging away about human rights, etc, etc, etc, and wondering why nothing I write ever goes viral…NOTHING! And then I woke up and smelled the coffee burning. Yep, I decided to check on “What’s trending now,” and that’s when I realized that I either need to have a very entertaining circus act or I need to start committing crimes!

Trending now – Suge Knight’s hit-n-run is finally in court…Guy’s had several brushes with the law; Porn Star Mia Khalifa has been threatened by ISIS….does that mean they watched her videos first to decide they were unMuslim enough to kill her?; the NRA is losing ground with businesses in America since numerous school shootings – the word “numerous” is what gets me; Kylie Jenner might be stealing make up looks from another (I can’t “make up” this stuff); the couple who had sex on a flight to somewhere is trending again, eight months later (they better watch out for ISIS; Taylor Hickson’s scar has got her suing the movie production company of some horror film she did (it’s a bad scar, and I can’t blame her since the director kept telling her to bang on the glass door harder)…hmmm?

You-Tuber Samurai Baby got arrested in Japan for letting over 23 people feel her breast on the streets (she’s so popular I can’t even find a picture…what about a mug shot!); attorneys in Utah all received  “The Boob Email,” but not for feeling, no, to advertise Utah’s upcoming bar exam (what?!)

OMG – and finally You Tube sensation Sonia forces her pet fox to be vegan like her. (Is that even healthy? Tell you right now, ain’t no fox in Scotland going vegan with all the scrumptious sheep around!)

Frankly, the only trend that caught my eye was about Pizza Hut Worker Demetrius Carnegie, who wasn’t even working at the time, but while visiting his sister who also works at the Pizza Hut, took on three masked men with guns, demanding money. Carnegie sprang and attacked the perps to protect his sister and others until they fled the store with nothing. He told the local FOX affiliate: “Through my head it was just ‘go into security mode’ and take care of what I gotta take care of.” The police are hailing Carnegie as a hero! Now there’s something worth trending!

So, my point to activists is that it’s very difficult to find your voice among the trending topics today. I guess human rights just bores people. Hmmm! Well, I have to continue to blog for the rights of others, but evidently this ‘ol girl needs some new tricks! Please make some suggestions to me. Jo’el would appreciate the feedback. In fact, if you come up with the most amazing idea, you will win a Jo’el ethical fashion pack containing 1 Jo’el water color world shirt, a pair of Sudara capris, sandals from Deux Mains in Haiti, an Afghanistan handmade piece of jewelry, a peser backpack from the Madura people, a Nahui Ollin keychain from Ethix People, and some other special goodies! So, help this blogger come up with the most unique idea to help me go viral!! Ready, set, go! Questions: write to


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