Stepped off the Planet Last Month…What Was the Fashion Like?

Since partially retiring (I’ll never fully retire), I’ve had several moments of silence, several days alone (enjoyed them since I never feel lonely), and a few days of my lupus acting up, which caused me several hours of sleeping and dreaming. Here’s what I thought and day-dreamed about a lot.

Oh how I wish I could visit another planet, or at least meet an alien! So since neither one of those events might ever come to pass in my lifetime, I’m going to make it all up in a story…a well-rounded story about the day I stepped off the planet.

And since I’m focused both on human rights and fashion (what a combo), I’m going to tie both into my story.

It all started with a bad lupus flare that put me in bed for three days straight. At first I thought I was dreaming when I looked in the mirror and saw my hair! 

(Alien style hairdo from Pinterest)
But I touched it, and I knew it was real…not a dream. Oh my, why was it styled this way…what had inspired me?, I thought. Then I got my answer. Verenique, who was drawing sketches for DeviantArt said I was going to a ball on the Planet Zzen.

 (Verenique, DeviantArt)
Check out what her drawings materialised into for the ball that night!

 (Alien hat, Pinterest)
Many alien women wore lovely hats! And one lucky woman was adorned in Manuel Albarran’s best metal couture. Although she looked truly killer, she told me she actually rescued victims of trafficking from throughout the universe. She bravely flew her spacecraft through black holes to get ahead of the traffickers and to intercept them. She’d jailed over 2 thousand during her courageous career! What a warrior Xelith was!

 (Manuel Albarran’s, expert artist of metal couture)
Then it was time to walk the red carpet to be photographed, and Photographer Sharonne Wong was shooting.

And “An Astronaut and his Alien” were first on the red carpet, which the inhabitants of Zzen actually  call the “crater catwalk,” since it’s literally over a hot molten lava river which flows from the planet’s core. Geez, I sure hope I don’t trip in these “Poorly Dressed” metallic shoes I chose for the evening. I think even they might melt at temps above 1750 Farenheit!

 (Poorly Dressed, Alien Hall of Fame)
As hors d’ouevers were being served, I saw several other famous aliens walking the crater catwalk in their best duds!

 (Designer Igor Zaitsev)
Maganesteva, an intergalactic cop showed up wearing a sharp suit by Igor Zaitsev. She has been instrumental in stopping Galaxy-hopping pedeophiles. She puts ’em away in Dar Dar Letel, the cosmos prison for offenders of the worst crimes against humanity. Then I saw Mannnrula, the famous author of “Life After Mars,” a book she wrote when she discovered her original ancestry began on Mars before her relatives evacuated after Earthen-bound waste and garbage began to affect their atmosphere. Hmmm?! She happens to love the human book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” by John Gray, and claims alien men are the same! She looked mysterious in that headpiece!

 (Headpiece by FraiseauLoupCostumes)
Famous mountain climber Rassiencissi didn’t cover herself up a bit in her dress by Designer Loza Maleombhos. She is known for climbing the highest peaks on 11 different planets. She plans to look for moon peaks too. She’s looked fit!

 (2015 Collection, Designer Loza Maleombhos)
And when I saw Earthling Kara Gordon hold up her hand to give the famous Star Trek Vulcan salute, I knew Spock would be proud of her, and even thought she might be kin to Flash Gordon!

(Australian Fashion Week 2016, Designer Emma Mulholland)

Permeating through the air, you could smell the ever-so-popular fragrance Alien, by Thierry Mugler.

It was amazing to see people of every colour (literally) at this annual League of Galaxies Gala to raise supplies for animal rescue activists seeking to rescue species from dogs to dinosaurs to morphs, all being used to pull heavy trains out of the tungsten carbide mines found on Planet Graayinbine C by the alien nation of Ploughtars. They have been known for enslaving animals for hard labour. The carbide is used to build their weapons of war against the League. The League is made up of 3,488 planets so far, and shows no discrimination against any race, creed, color, nationality, religion, or alien species. It was beautiful for my soul to experience such an amazing evening filled with love, acceptance and kindness.

(1. Fyodor Golan, London Fashion Week 2012);  (2. Jeremy Scott, Alien Jackie-O, Moschino Show);  (3. Selly Raby Kane, Prada);  (4. stock photo)

For me, a human rights activist, I felt at home, even though I was over two million miles away. Still, so far from Earth, Lady GaGa had made her mark on fashion here after performing for the League.

 (Avante Garde inspired by Lady GaGa)

Finally across the crater catwalk, I saw Clautuns Rippofh, an artist who paints with stardust and comet ash. She was with the Wanderlust Girls, and they were all posing for Flux Magazine.

The famous Photographer Figo was taking the shots of all this high-end alien fashion, when normally Figo shoots weddings around the universe.

(Photo by Figo)

The two most revealing outfits of the evening were worn by military women who fight for the League. Both have been awarded for their bravery, but seem humble and still very anti-war. They both only agreed to join the fight when their alien nation of Woullergodone came under attack by the Ploughtars after it was discovered they had a reserve of tungsten carbide. They both chose revealing garments in an effort to show off the fitness of women warriors. Time to go to the gym!

 (Vortex Dress, by 3D Printing) (Matthew Wren,
Several Earthings from nations in Africa showed up in their best alien ballroom garb as well, and were all in the spotlight for being amazing examples of leaders who adapted and overcame to bring about peace and harmony on every corner of their continent on Earth. They are the shining force to all inhabitants of the universe as representatives of the League.

(MoodBoard Da Creative, “African Invaded City”)

Since this inspiring ball, and after having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful aliens, I’ve arrived back on Earth with a fresh new outlook about my future. I’ve decided that until I’m part of the galactic dust floating around the colourful vast universe, orbiting the sun, and dancing wildly among the moon and the stars, I’m going to stand tall for what is right and just. I’m going to live, laugh and love, and continue to share with those who are like me and nothing like me at all. Peace out, conduit closed for human repairs and improvements.

(Photoshop contest)

(Album cover for Debut Album, “Alien Fashion Show”)


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