Fashion Around the World Series – #12 Ireland – Where Irish Meets Celtic Meets Modern Meets Ancient – Designer Claire Garvey

Walking through the streets of Dublin, Ireland, can spur so many emotions. There’s always a celebratory spirit lingering in the air, amongst traditions, Celtic and ancient history, and strangers who are like old friends when you meet them in the many vibrant pubs. To experience the magic and wonder of eclectic fashion though, was an unexpected surprise. Passing by the windows of Claire Garvey’s Couture shop struck me like a bolt of lightning during my midday jaunt through the city.

Surely the displays of the tiny shop on the corner just some sort of costumes, I thought, only rented for a “fancy dress” occasion. On closer inspection though, the dresses were actually breath-taking “far out” high couture designs.

Inside, I met the designer herself, Claire Garvey, a petite and soft-spoken artistic powerhouse!

 Evidently, her Scottish mother, an artist, had always exposed Claire to a world of creative innovation. Claire was destined to artistically create, design and wow others with her show-stopping fashion.

Whether they are brides-to-be, debutantes, someone wanting to celebrate a special occasion with just the right outfit, or say, Miss Universe, Garvey can whip something unforgettable up out of her imagination and then build it. I refer to some of her designs this way since she literally constructs and mixes fabrics, plastic, leather, mesh, and other unusual materials to fabricate a mesmerising design that is both wearable and flattering to the woman it adorns.

From the shoes to the headpiece, Garvey has her hand and best of all, her imagination hard at work to bring forth a look that will remind us that fantasies can be real after all.

Harvey’s amazing corner shop is located in the middle of Dublin at: 6 Cows Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin 8. There’s other great artists all around Garvey’s shop as well.

The beautiful photography is attributed to: Laelia Milleri, Jass Foley, Tiara Photography, A&M Photography and Sonja Saur. Be sure to visit: to see more designs. And please support the Ethical Fashion Forum, and all Coalitions Against Human Trafficking, unfair labor practices in the garments industries, and movements for Eco and sustainable fashion moving forward. Enjoy, Jo’el Worldwear


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