About the Cause

Jo’el Worldwear Mission:

We support grassroots artisans and fashion designers worldwide who are affected by war and conflict, human trafficking and slavery, refugee status and many other economically challenging situations. Jo’el purchases unique handmade creations like handbags, jewelry, scarves and clothing collections. We focus on Fair Trade, Fair Wage, Ethical Standards, Eco-friendly, Bio-Diverse, Recycled/Repurposed, Animal-Friendly, and just plain Good for all artisan-inspired wonders. Jo’el Worldwear staff have had the honor of meeting designers who exude true talent, while combining their unique traditions and cultural characteristics to what they produce. We back these handmade creations with a guarantee to get a full refund because we know that each of the designs reflect high-quality workmanship.  If something goes wrong though, our staff will work to replace your order or refund you the full amount of purchase. We know that many of our artisans are limited by the materials that they can locate to produce their unique fashions. 

jo’el thrives on finding both for-profit and non-profit businesses, and we promote the artisans’ and designers’ amazing personal success stories. Several of our designers have survived highly unethical conditions in their own personal lives, and they are starting over. Some, who have been freed from human trafficking and slavery, are creating their designs in safe houses in the Middle East, while other artisans are North American Indians living in Canada and the Northwest United States. Still other designers come from Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and China, and they work with small groups of other artisans to produce what we offer. There are women and men in Africa making handmade beaded necklaces, bone hair accessories and beautiful baskets to benefit their livelihoods as well as their village. 

Those who are recovering victims are employing newly discovered inner talents to produce their unique fashion, while healing their lives and souls.

Our awesomely-talented designers and artisans — individuals, families and small groups make smaller quantities, so you won’t find their products minimized or reproduced in potentially unethical conditions, often at the expense of other humans, animals or the environment. 

 At Jo’el Worldwear, we commend these beautiful people for their art, and we look forward to helping them earn a wonderful way forward in life. How it comes back, when it comes back, where it comes back, doesn’t matter. We all know at Joe’l Worldwear that what is beneficial to all concerned will eventually come back around to help everyone involved. Working together, for the power of good and the benefit of all, will yield rewards to our artisans and designers, ourselves and our customers who embark on this journey with us. 

To purchase Jo’el Worldwear creations, visit our website at: http://www.joelworldwear.com. Thanks!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Karma Shaw says:

    Waiting to buy some eco-friendly fashions from JWW.


  2. Catherine says:

    Brenda I salut you!
    You are an amazing women


  3. Maria says:

    Glad to see your dream taking shape!


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