Why are there more clothing lines for dogs than disabled people?

Check it out: http://snatchedsunglasses.net/why-are-there-more-clothing-lines-for-dogs-than-disabled-people/ It’s not often I repost another’s blog, but this was too great to pass up. Check out this article published by snatchedsunglasses.net. When we talk about human rights and fashion in the same breath, the subject of proper clothing and fashion for individuals with physical impairments is one I hadn’t considered….

Stepped off the Planet Last Month…What Was the Fashion Like?

Since partially retiring (I’ll never fully retire), I’ve had several moments of silence, several days alone (enjoyed them since I never feel lonely), and a few days of my lupus acting up, which caused me several hours of sleeping and dreaming. Here’s what I thought and day-dreamed about a lot. Oh how I wish I…

Help Jo’el Go Viral CONTEST

Here I am just blogging away about human rights, etc, etc, etc, and wondering why nothing I write ever goes viral…NOTHING! And then I woke up and smelled the coffee burning. Yep, I decided to check on “What’s trending now,” and that’s when I realized that I either need to have a very entertaining circus…

Looking for Guest Bloggers

Joel wants to hear from you if you’d like to guest blog about your charity, NGO, missionaries, or programs that assist anyone affected by human trafficking, war and conflict, refugee status, natural disasters, and other economically devastating situations. We want to help your organisation for 2018! Contact Brenda@joelworldwear.com

Get out there and vote

Less than one week left to vote in the U.S. presidential election. Every eligible citizen should exercise the precious right to vote.